Original Fiction:


When an intergalactic pirate tries to steal her best friend’s newest invention, Eclipse has to bring her dysfunctional team of super heroes together. But can she stop the alien villain when her team doesn’t want anything to do with each other?

Eclipse follows the adventures of an alien super heroine named Rysta. She joins a rag tag group of superheroes in a world where super heroics is big business.

She quickly finds it being a superhero isn’t easy. No one believes she’s an alien. Her boss thinks she’s a marketing gimmick. Her best friend is sending her serious mixed signals. To top it off, her teammates can’t get along for more than five minutes!

Can she bring her team together to bring down an intergalactic threat or will she be forced to turn in her cape?

Warnings: Adult language. Mild Adult Situations.


Q: What is SimLit? 
A: A SimLit is a work of fiction that somehow incorporates EA’s life simulation game, The Sims. A SimLit may feature the world, the characters, or actual screen captures of game progress in order to tell a story. My SimLit in particular usually does not feature any of EA’s premade characters or the worlds, however I do use screen captures taken from The Sims 4 to illustrate these stories.