Death’s Bride – Part 11

Myla wiggled her way through the bushy path and out the hole. The air on the other side of the stone wall was crisp and cool. Myla inhaled and filled her lungs with the fresh air. Sunlight peeked through the pine trees and warmed her skin. Her moment of relaxation came to a sudden end as she caught a glimpse of the bunny bounding towards a bizarre woman.


Myla found every manner of the woman was strange and alien. Her appearance, her attire, even her positioning was unusual. The most noticeable thing about the woman was her skintone. Her skin was a startling shade of green that was only made to look more green in comparison to her hair which was as black as a raven’s feather. The second most noticeable thing about the woman was her strange attire. Her shirt didn’t cover any of her stomach and she wore men’s trousers that had been cut at the thighs. If those things didn’t make the woman look strange, her body position did. She sat with her eyes closed, her feet crossed on a tiny pillow, and her hands neatly laid on her knees.

The rabbit raced closer to the woman. Its features became hazier. Each step sent the creature flickering in and out of existence. The bunny gave one last push and leapt at the strange woman’s forehead. Myla thought to shout out a warning, but no words came out of her mouth. Any sound was swallowed up by the shock Myla experienced as she noticed the presence of a third eye open and peering from the green woman’s forehead. The rabbit lunged at the open eye and was devoured into the eye’s depths. One moment the speckled bunny was there, the next it was gone. Myla watched with horrid fascination as the eye snapped shut.

The green woman let out a deep breath as her third eye closed and faded away. She opened her normal eyes like a cat waking from a nap. She lifted a hand from her lap and ran the back of it across her eyes. The green woman focused her attention on Myla. Her brown eyes took in every inch of Myla, but there was no shock or surprise on her face at Myla’s appearance. Her lips broke into a smile that showed off her pearly white teeth. They were perfect aside from a little gap between the front teeth.

“Cuh Teekaloo!” the green woman said.

Myla blinked in surprise. The words were foreign and unnatural sounding. She shook her head in response, “I… I don’t know what you’re saying.”

“Ahhhh Molombia.” the green woman said as she stood up.

The woman brushed off the dirt from her bare thighs and wiggled her toes in the leather straps she used as shoes. She stretched out and walked over to Myla.

Myla took a step backwards. Something about the green woman didn’t seem right. She didn’t feel the same sort of spiritual energy she felt from Maximilien’s ghosts, but at the same time the foreigner emitted a strange energy. She was a strange creature resting in a strange place with items that Myla had never seen. It was all just wrong.

The green woman raised a finger in Myla’s direction. Myla lifted her hand to block it, but the green woman batted it away like a fly. The strange woman tapped her long, delicate green index finger against Myla’s brow.

Myla’s forehead itched. No, that wasn’t the right word. It tingled. A warm sensation passed through the back of her mind and words popped into her brain…

“Now that’s better. Can ya understand me now?” The voice said in a warm friendly tone.

Myla’s eyebrows flew up in surprise. She tilted her head and looked in disbelief at the green woman. “Is that you?” Myla said out loud.

“Aww shucks Sugar, I don’t speak a lick of French. Think it, Hun. Think what ya want to say.” The voice said in a relaxed manner.

Myla forced herself to calm down and thought of the simplest message to send to the voice. “Hello?” She thought in the meekest way possible.

The green woman clapped. Her grin now a mile wide. “Well hey there! Looks like you got the hang of it.” She projected the thought that reflected her pleasant smile.

“Who are you?” Myla thought. She set her jaw and was determined to take control of the situation. Things had gotten too far out of hand for her. The general strangeness of her husband had troubled her. The presence of the ghosts that seemed to gravitate around her husband put her at unease. This however was all together too much. This strange woman and the mysterious rabbit that had led Myla here had brought her to the brink. Just what was going on?

The green woman put a hand on her hip and her smile slid into a lopsided smirk, “I’m Jessica. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt ya. I just wanted to get a look at you with my real eyes.”

“I still don’t understand. Real eyes?” Myla thought as the wheels in her mind began to spin.

Jessica tapped her own forehead. Understanding somehow registered in Myla’s mind. Jessica and the speckled rabbit were one and the same. Myla raised her eyebrow and opened her mouth to speak on instinct, but Jessica projected a thought first.

“It’s called astral projection. Little too advanced for ya. Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep the shocks to a minimum. I’m not lightning after all.” Jessica thought and shrugged her shoulders.

Myla chuckled. She slapped her hands to cover her mouth. She didn’t know what had made the laughter bubble up to her lips. The green woman should be terrifying her. However, she felt some of the tension she had felt since she left her family fade away. Myla shook her head to shake off the feeling, but memories of childhood stories rushed to her thoughts. This situation seemed familiar, but still strange.

“Are you my fairy guardian?” Myla thought.

The smile slipped from Jessica’s face. She dragged her tongue over her lips. “You should be thankful I’m not a fairy.” Jessica thought. The mirth from her mental words was gone.

Myla shivered in response.

“I’m a witch, Sug’. Just a plain old girl like yourself, but with some magic to spice it up.” Jessica thought with her previous cheer back.

“But you’re green?” Myla thought out with heavy skepticism.

“I know, it ain’t easy.” Jessica thought as she gave a grin that showed more teeth than was expected of a normal smile.

It was obvious Jessica found her own statement hilarious. Myla stared at her with a blank expression. Jessica’s grin began to droop. Myla finally thought up a response, “I guess I could see that.”

Jessica gave up on the conversation and went back to looking Myla over. She let out a short whistle and then shook her head, “Your old man plucked ya off the vine early. If ya were a tomato, you’d be like me. Green.”

Myla’s head snapped to look Jessica in the eye. The words fell out of her mouth before she could formulate the thought. “You know my husband?” She said out loud and then repeated the question in her mind.

Jessica frowned a little and shrugged one shoulder, “Personally? No. I do know what he is though.”

A special thanks to the amazing and awesome Remy for making the animation.

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