Eclipse (Issue 1.2)

I’ll be updating these later with bits and things like drawings of the characters and stuff like that. Maybe even hero profiles, just cause I love profiles. I dunno. How you enjoy it.

Oh and the setting is a fictional city in Texas. It replaces Houston. It’s the largest city in Texas and it’s a beach city. All the best bits of Texas really.

Mr. Kennedy was a few inches over six feet tall and walked with a swagger I had never seen before. He had a head full of white hair combed over to one side and a strong chin that jutted out surprisingly far. He shook my hand and pain flew up my arm.

“That was some good work out there, Pal. I think you’re going to fit in really great.” he said as he threw my arm up and down in the furious handshake.

I tried to grin, but I think I showed too much teeth for it to look real. The moment he released my hand, I hid it behind my back. Just in case he decided to shake it again. I swallowed my nerves, “Thank you, Mr. Kennedy. I’m honored you chose me for your super hero team.”

He nodded and then cast his eyes up and down my body. I shuffled uncomfortable with his gaze. I had never been shy about my alien appearance before, but I had only been around a few humans before today. I guess I’d have to get used to people staring though.

Mr. Kennedy finally made an approving sound, “You’ve got a good look. Tall, attractive, good proportions. I like the purple skin. Makes you stick out. Good for marketing.”

I mustered a timid “Oh” before he continued delivering his conclusions.

“You’ll need a better costume though. You’ll need a little more sex appeal. That and the name. No one wants to call out for Rice. Come up with something and pitch it to me when you get the chance.” he said and turned to leave.

“My name is Rysta! Kind of sounds like wrist with an A at the end? Rysta.” I said in desperation.

“That’s cute, but you still need a super hero name. Think on it.” he said and waved his hand in dismissal.

I sighed and hung my head.

A feminine laugh chimed through the room. I looked up. It was Harper.

Harper was my best friend. She was also the person that found me when I crash landed on Earth five years ago. She had taken me under her wing and helped me learn about Earth and its cultures. I owed her more than I could ever hope to repay her.

Harper shook her head and shrugged, “Well at least the training test went really well. Good move on disabling the tank with that telephone pole.”

I beamed with pride.

Harper smiled for a moment. Her expression then turned serious, “Do you think you’re ready though?”

“I don’t know. I’m kind of scared actually.” I said and cast my eyes to the ground.

“Scared? How can you be scared. You shoot concussive bolts of energy from your palms.” Harper said.

I watched her tap her foot. The copper sequined high heels sparkled with each tap. I raised my eyes to look at her. Even in the heels she was much shorter than me.

I rubbed my left arm even though I wasn’t cold, “I’m nervous I won’t be able to help people. That no one will want my help anyway.”

Harper snorted as she stifled a laugh. “Don’t worry about that. Just worry about becoming a public icon, then everyone will beg to see you.” She put her hand on my shoulder and stared me in the eye. The action should have been loving, but her eyes were so focused, “Listen to me okay?”

I nodded my head.

Harper put up her hand in a fist near our faces. She lifted her index finger, “Kingsland hasn’t had a super hero team since our last one got traded to Nashville. Our city is desperate for heroes.” She lifted her middle finger to join the index, “So Mr. Kennedy is organizing a team. Teams need members.” Harper raised her ring finger next to the other two fingers, “So I’m giving them you. I can trust you, can’t I?”

I shook my head, but barely. “Of course you can.”

Harper raised up onto her tip toes and leaned her forehead against mine. Our noses touched. She smiled and the hardness in her eyes softened, “Good, it hurts me to lose you too, but our city needs you more than I do.”

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