Eclipse (Issue 1.1)

Hey everyone. I decided to share a few parts of my novel that has been sitting assertions gathering digital dust. Cog expressed interest in reading it, so I figured why not just let everyone see it. It was meant to be read after all. Let me know what ya think.

The tank turned its muzzle on me. The long barrel stared down at me. It was still red hot from its previous barrage. I heard the click from deep within its heart. I gulped and threw myself into the air. I floated and watched in shock as a volley of gunfire sliced through the spot I had just inhabited.

The empty city street below me was a wasteland. Emptied out shells of buildings loomed like dead trees. Their strong foundations were the only things that kept them erect, no matter how lopsided they may stand. Telephone poles jutted into sky while their snapped cables sprawled along the broken asphalt roads. There was no one here to help me.

The tank struggled to adjust its muzzle mid attack. I focused all my energy into my hands and let the power explode out. The thick beam of magenta energy struck the gun’s barrel dead on. The force ripped the gun from the tank.

The tank’s hatch opened. A brawny solider in fatigues pulled himself from the hole. A second pair of hands reached out from the depths of the tank and passed him an oversized gun. It might have been an assault rifle. The solider aimed the gun at me.

I darted to the side as a stream of bullets whistled by. I gulped. I needed a plan. Fast.

The flurry of bullets followed me as I zipped back and forth in the sky. I needed to get out of the shooter’s range as fast as possible. My orchid skin and indigo hair made me an easy target in the clear sky. I launched myself in a mad descent towards the ground. The asphalt looked like it was racing up to meet me. I hoped I was moving fast enough down that the solider couldn’t keep up his aim.

Bullets raced by, but it seemed my gamble had worked. None of the bullets hit me. He couldn’t aim that fast. The ground was inches away when I forced myself to change course. I felt my stomach lurch from the sudden change in direction. I swallowed and clenched my teeth. I aimed for the nearest building and flew into the temporary safety of its wrecked remains.

The gunfire had paused. My heart pounded and my chest heaved as I fought to catch my breath. I knew I didn’t have time to waste though. I leaned against a crumbling brick wall. The tank’s heavy engine clanged into life and I could hear the track start to chew the asphalt. It was coming for me.

I took a look at my surroundings. The old building offered little support besides the brick walls. I leaned to the side to peer outside. Gunfire ripped through the doorway the moment my indigo locks came into the shooter’s line of sight. I was lucky it was just my hair that had peeked out. I didn’t risk looking out further, but from my hiding spot I could see a telephone pole to the left of the tank.

I took a deep breath. The track clanked and clunked its way closer. The tank was only a few feet away now. Any longer and I was in for it. Either the tank would smash through the old building shell or that shooter would hit something other than my hair. I pulled every ounce of my available energy and willed it to cooperate. I could feel my hands tingle. The energy begged for release. I pointed my palm at the telephone and let it loose.

The magenta ball of energy slammed into the telephone pole. It cracked near the base in an explosion of wood splinters. The rest of the pole toppled over towards the tank. As it sliced through the air, the shooter threw himself out of the hatch. The pole crashed into the tank with a satisfying thump.

A buzzer rang.

“That was excellent, uh… Rice-Sta.” a voice blared over a loud speaker.

The tank driver emerged from the depths of the tank. Both he and the shooter clapped.

I hung my head and muttered under my breath. My name wasn’t Rice-Sta. It was Rysta. I wondered what I had gotten myself into.

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