Death’s Bride – Bonus Pictures 2

Hey everyone! Just sharing a couple screen shots while I get the next chapter ready for release. Expect to see it maybe tomorrow or Saturday.

These pictures are not for the faint of heart. They contain very cutesy images that are not canon. Well… Not discussed in story at the very least.

Maximilien wooing his new bride. Probably discussing the benefits of wearing baggy robes. They’re very practical ya know?

“It is our first night together…” Maximilien said in a low husky voice. Myla promptly died of embarrassment.

I won’t bother captioning these two images. However… I do note that Myla’s expression is really something. I’d say not exactly happy, I’d guess nervous? Poor girl.

Profile pic for Myla. She’s so adorable… I just wanna hug her.

Profile pic for Maximilien Du Bois. Capturing the stern lower lip and regal nose of his pale handsome face.

To get him looking so cross I had Myla pick on him…

He didn’t appreciate it.

And frankly I don’t think Myla appreciates me encouraging her to mock such a scary man…

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