Death’s Bride – Bonus Pictures

Hey everyone! After that big chapter, I thought what we need is a glimpse at other pictures to lighten the atmosphere. These are just a handful of the pictures that either didn’t fit for the story or I just decided to share cause I thought they were funny. Hope you enjoy!

I just can’t explain Myla’s expression here. The other girls weren’t sure what to make of it either.

Maximilien told the girls a story. Uh… It didn’t go too well. Penelope’s expression is priceless. I guess the revealing girl liked the story or maybe she’s just sucking up. The blonde seems lost.

Wedding Picture Spam!!!

“And then my whole garden was covered in boll weevils! Can you believe that?”

Myla complaining about something or other to Maximilien. He listened to get like a good sport.

I love the glowing heart of the blow a kiss animation. Myla is a Sim, so of course she lives getting kisses from Maximilien. Poor naive Sim girl.

And now for my favorite part…

No, not the wedding! Beefy Statue!

Look at him! He’s great. He looks like he’s just saying stuff in the background like this…

Yeah. Beefy Statue is a good guy.

And a couple more pics..

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