Death’s Bride – Part 8

Music flowed through the courtyard. Gian the Specter’s fingers crashed down on the piano’s keys as he played. The song was plagued with a skill and intensity that Myla had never heard in church. He played as if his life depended on it.

The courtyard was magnificent, but something was off about it. It was completely devoid of people. The only figures were a handful of ghostly servants that guided Myla to where the alter rested under an arch. The chill that had encompassed the town didn’t seem to make it past the high stone walls into the courtyard. The air was still and filled with the aroma of hundreds of roses. Rose bushes grew over every available surface and the blossoms were beautiful and unnatural.

Myla ran her fingertips over the velvety petals of a rose as she walked to the alter. It was softer than anything she had ever touched before. She plucked a petal and clutched it in her palm as she trudged to the front.

Lord Du Bois wasn’t present. There was no Holy man waiting to bind them together in Holy matrimony either. The only thing at the alter was a thick heavy book. The leather bound book was gilded with sparkling ruby gems embedded in the cover. Myla assumed it was a Bible. Something was written on it, but she couldn’t read. Myla’s family was too poor to have owned a Bible of their own and Myla had never even touched a book before. She reached out to touch the book, but the sound of a throat being cleared stopped her. She turned to see a tall, light skinned man at the end of walkway.

“Sorry I’m late, my Dear.” The man said in Lord Du Bois’ deep, rich voice.

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