Death’s Bride – Bonus Pictures 2

Hey everyone! Just sharing a couple screen shots while I get the next chapter ready for release. Expect to see it maybe tomorrow or Saturday.

Death’s Bride – Bonus Pictures

Hey everyone! After that big chapter, I thought what we need is a glimpse at other pictures to lighten the atmosphere. These are just a handful of the pictures that either didn’t fit for the story or I just decided to share cause I thought they were funny. Hope you enjoy!

Death’s Bride – Part 9

The Lord strode to the alter wearing a finely tailored jacket and pants instead of the heavy formless clothing he had worn earlier. The hood was gone, exposing a handsome man with waves of raven black hair. He gave Myla an easy smile as he took his place at her side. “You look beautiful. A…

Death’s Bride – Part 8

Music flowed through the courtyard. Gian the Specter’s fingers crashed down on the piano’s keys as he played. The song was plagued with a skill and intensity that Myla had never heard in church. He played as if his life depended on it.

Interview with Myla

Decided to do the interview that had been floating around. Went a little farther and set it up with a short paragraph so you can get a little more in Myla’s head.

Death’s Bride – Part 7

Author’s note: Nudity warning. Lord Du Bois’ servants were ghosts. Translucent women that washed and pampered Myla without speaking a word. They flinted back and forth through the expansive chamber in silence. The rosy red light of an oversized hearth reflected of their transparent bodies. It was surreal and only added to the beauty of…

Death’s Bride – Part 6

Myla never expected the tears she shed on her wedding day would be of absolute despair. The ride to the Lord’s manor was long and silent. He had refused her wish to say goodbye to her family. His reasoning that her family had said what they knew could have been their final farewells that morning…

Death’s Bride – Part 5

The color drained from Myla’s face. She jerked backwards in an awkward step. The more space between herself and Lord Du Bois the better. She couldn’t be in his radar for a prospective bride. What would even qualify her for such a horrid fate?

Death’s Bride – Part 4

The ghost vanished. Myla’s hand fell limp to her side. The girl’s voices died around Myla and the painted girl like a snuffed match. The painted girl clutched her arm as if it was broken. The Lord Du Bois was a tall man. His thin frame was hidden under bulky clothing. His face hidden by…