Death’s Bride – Part 3

A gust of cold air sliced through the town center. Some of the girls murmured their complaints. Myla shrugged off the chill, but then a violent shudder crept up her spine. There was something watching them. Myla felt a strange pressure in the back of her mind. She looked around to find the source of the feeling.

Her eyes fell to a hazy shape that drifted across the town center. It looked vaguely human, but Myla could see right through it. Its face was twisted in agony.
Myla’s eyes widened. Her heart raced. Her eyes darted around to see how the other girl’s reacted. No one noticed the specter. The ghost slid past each of the girls, but no one seemed to see it.

The painted girl had her back turned to the specter. Myla took a step forward, but stopped as the ghost rested its hand on the painted girl. The girl turned her head to face the ghost. Her eyes bulged in fear. She had seen the ghost. Her screams pierced the air.
“What’s wrong?” The revealing girl asked. Her friend wailed as she clawed at her arm to release the ghost’s grip. The other girls stared at the painted girl in confusion. A chorus of concerned questions bubbled up. Myla licked her lips. No one except the painted girl and herself could see the ghost. It was up to her to help the girl.

The other girls rushed to surround the painted girl. None of them touched her. The painted girl continued to scream with tears streaming down her face. Myla pushed through the throng of girls and shot her arm out to reach for the ghost. Her fingertips closed around the back of its shirt and she yanked the ghost back. Its head tilted back to yell out, but a booming voice cut it off.
“That is enough, Gian.” Lord Du Bois said.


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