Death’s Bride – Part 13

The women’s parlor was a seldom used room in the manor. It was an over-sized room with heavy furniture and curtains embroidered with flowers. The room’s size dwarfed the two occupants. Mademoiselle Renee was a rail of a woman with heavily rouged cheeks and a perpetual frown. She clicked her tongue against the roof of…

Death’s Bride – Part 12

Jessica motioned over to an unlit campfire. It was just a pile of wood stacked neatly waiting to burn away after dark. Myla started at the wood to avoid looking around Jessica’s campsite. “Might as well sit down Darlin’, the truth can bite you sitting or standing.” Jessica thought as she pointed at a chair…

Death’s Bride – Part 11

Myla wiggled her way through the bushy path and out the hole. The air on the other side of the stone wall was crisp and cool. Myla inhaled and filled her lungs with the fresh air. Sunlight peeked through the pine trees and warmed her skin. Her moment of relaxation came to a sudden end…

Eclipse (Issue 1.2)

I’ll be updating these later with bits and things like drawings of the characters and stuff like that. Maybe even hero profiles, just cause I love profiles. I dunno. How you enjoy it. Oh and the setting is a fictional city in Texas. It replaces Houston. It’s the largest city in Texas and it’s a…

Eclipse (Issue 1.1)

Hey everyone. I decided to share a few parts of my novel that has been sitting assertions gathering digital dust. Cog expressed interest in reading it, so I figured why not just let everyone see it. It was meant to be read after all. Let me know what ya think.

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi everyone! I was actually nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by both Chalicen and Simscognito! I’m really ecstatic that they chose me. It means a lot to me to know that people are enjoying my story and that they think I’m a positive contributor to the Sims community. Chalicen writes Winter’s Alchemy. It’s a…

Death’s Bride – Part 10

The life of a Lord’s wife was much duller than Myla had expected. Myla awoke before the sun, but there were no chores to do. She entered the kitchen and was greeted with the clangs of pans and sizzle of oil in the pots. The ghastly servants were already hard at work preparing breakfast.

Death’s Bride – Bonus Pictures 2

Hey everyone! Just sharing a couple screen shots while I get the next chapter ready for release. Expect to see it maybe tomorrow or Saturday.

Death’s Bride – Bonus Pictures

Hey everyone! After that big chapter, I thought what we need is a glimpse at other pictures to lighten the atmosphere. These are just a handful of the pictures that either didn’t fit for the story or I just decided to share cause I thought they were funny. Hope you enjoy!

Death’s Bride – Part 9

The Lord strode to the alter wearing a finely tailored jacket and pants instead of the heavy formless clothing he had worn earlier. The hood was gone, exposing a handsome man with waves of raven black hair. He gave Myla an easy smile as he took his place at her side. “You look beautiful. A…